Colon Cancer Survival Rate – Knowing Your Survival Chances

Upon learning about colorectal cancer and becoming diagnosed with it, the first thing that probably popped out of your mind is your colon cancer survival rate. Your chances of surviving this cancer may depend upon a few variables including the stage of the cancer, the treatment plan, the extent of lifestyle modifications, your psychological acceptance of this disease and even at which part of the world you’re living.This article will focus on the percentage of your colon cancer survival rate in accordance to the stages of the cancer.Brief Definition Colon CancerThe term colon cancer is somewhat confused with colorectal cancer by many patients. However, the truth is that they’re almost just the same – with the exception of which section or part of the colon is being affected. Previous debates have come up to an agreement that if the cancer doesn’t involve the rectum or the rear portion of the colon then it must be called Colon Cancer, otherwise it’s Colorectal Cancer. But then today, most of us (even professional physicians) call it the former regardless of which part of the colon is affected by the disease.Stages of Colon CancerAs of today, there are 5 stages of cancer. Some of these stages have sub-stages with them but let’s not get too much into those for now. What we’ll focus on is the things that we should be aware of about each stage and its accompanying colon cancer survival rate statistics.Based of factual intestinal anatomy, your colonic tract is divided into 4 layers. From inner to outer, these layers are: Mucosa, Submucosa, Muscularis Externa and Adventitia or Serosa. Beyond these layers come the peritoneum, which is another external part after Adventitia but is no longer considered a part of the mucous membranes. The peritoneum is basically the lining of your intestinal tract, primarily protecting the walls of your colon and giving that smooth passage for food inside the intestine.Stage 0
On stage 1, there are no outward signs or symptoms of this disease (asymptomatic). At this moment, your tumor is still confined to the mucosa hence symptoms are rare and may not even be felt by the patient. Colon cancer survival rate be up to 100% if the cancer is detected during this time. Needless to say, however, 99.60% of Colorectal patients are unlikely to know they have cancer at this stage.Stage 1-2
Surviving for 5 years when the cancer is detected at these stages is about 80-90% on most patients. Stages 1-2 are where the cancer shows an evidence of proliferation and malignancy. At this stage, the cancer will extend towards the submucosa, muscularis propria, externa (stage 2a) up to the peritoneum (stage 2b).Stage 3
Once the cancer goes beyond the peritoneum and spreads towards the lymph nodes, this marks stage 3 phase A of the cancer. With treatments and major lifestyle modifications, your colon cancer survival rate may range from 50-73%.Stage 4
Stage 4 is the severe stage of most cancers – it is the time when metastasis has occurred and despite the consistency of care and treatment, the likelihood for a patient to survive for 5yrs following diagnosis is only around 28-42%. Metastasis means that your cancer has grown not just in your entire colon but has invaded the other vital parts of your body as well.